Reality Check Time – A Personal Reflection

Earlier this month, I shared with you my 3 words for 2012.

As noted, I kept the word +HEALTH+ in the mix again this year. Last evening I realized why it STILL needed to be on there!

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I spent the better part of 2011 creating a better life for myself.  I started running, I exercised consistently and, more importantly, I paid attention to the “fuel” I put in my body.  As the year progressed, everything seemed to get easier.  I exercised more, I ran more and ate well … until I didn’t.

Well, last night it all caught up to me.  I stepped on the scale and took a step back … a big step back. To be honest, I’ve known for a while that things weren’t were they should be.

The problem – that voice inside my head that kept justifying my behavior.  I managed to convince myself, after running my second half-marathon of the year in October 2011, that I needed AND deserved a break.  I can make excuses, but that won’t solve the problem. Yes, I needed a break from running, not from the healthy habits I had worked so hard to master.

Last year was the best year of my life.  I felt great, I had energy, and battle with low self-esteem seemed to be a thing of the past.  I liked what I saw in the mirror each day and after running two half-marathon, I felt like a there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish. All I had to do was set the goal and make it happen.

For a brief moment last night, I felt like a failure. For a brief moment, my struggles with low self-esteem came flooding back.  For a brief moment, all the work of the last year seemed wasted.

Except that it isn’t  …

Last night WAS my REALITY CHECK. I am not going back to the lifestyle I had pre-2011. For the past two months, I took the easy way out and it ends RIGHT NOW!

My family needs me to be healthy! I need to be healthy because …

No time to waste…

No time to look back…

It’s time to get going!

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