My Wife: The Catalyst to Meaningful Family Conversations

My wife is a genius!

A few years ago, she began a dinner time ritual at our house that is paying dividends each and every time.  We are not unlike every other families out there.  We have three kids and, between all of our schedules and the various activities the kids have going on, it’s often hard to have time for meaningful conversations as a family.

To help us all slow down and to ensure that we did not rush through our family dinner, my wife decided to “prime the pump” with two simple questions that all of us have to answer:

  1. What are the three best things about your day today?
  2. What was the one bad thing about your day?

They might seem like simple and inconsequential questions, but they have done wonders for our family.  Every night, around the dinner table, we all take turns to talk about our day. And, every night, a deeper conversation comes to life – one that involves all of us!

I was reminded of this last night when – during my time to speak – I shared my one bad thing about my day.  My kids started asking follow up questions and wanted to know a little bit more.  Each new question, brought on more discussion and more questions. For about 30 minutes, all of us were engage in a meaningful conversation and we got to spend quality time together as a family!

My wife is a genius, a great mother and the glue that holds our family together!  Two simple questions, a family tradition and meaningful conversations!  I guess she knew all along that  through conversation, life happens and finds meaning!

What rituals do you have in your family that lead to meaningful conversations that include all of you?

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