#91: Syneva Barrett on the Montessori Education Model

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We certainly didn’t plan it to be this way but this week, February 26 – March 2, happens to be Montessori Education week!  For our conversation this week, we continue our conversation on the broad topic of education and explore the subject of the Montessori education model with Syneva Barrett.

My youngest daughter attends a Montessori school and my wife is one assignment away for receiving her Montessori Certification. That being said, the idea of Montessori is still foreign to me.  I found my conversation with Syneva very enlightening.


About Syneva Barrett

Syneva Barrett

Syneva Barrett is a Montessori professional with over 13 years experience teaching students, teachers, faculty and even strangers in the supermarket. She is a 1999 graduate (Bachelor’s Degree) of the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) – Major in Elementary Education.  Minnesota licensed grades 1-6.  Minor in Theatre Arts.

In 2003, she obtained her Master of Arts in Education degree, College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN. She is also Montessori certified, a certification she received from the American Montessori Society.

You can connect with Syneva and follow her online by visiting her company’s website at www.montessorimomentum.com.

Other Montessori Resources

American Montessori Society

We are Montessori Project on Facebook – documenting Montessori alums and how a Montessori education impacted them.

MariaMontessori.com – another great source of information.

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